Usability Report

The following link is a short report on the usability of my concept based on my testing:



Final Concept – Form Validation

Storyboard for why my camera has an articulating screen and handle. Product shots often involves bending over to get down to the product’s level. Many camera’s have a screen the flips up or out that makes it easy to view from other angles, but none of them also move the grip and controls. This allows the user to hold the camera in relatively the same manner but shoot from above their head or at their waist without added strain on their eyes or hands.Storyboards 5

Project Statement – Constraints, Objectives, and Directives

Project Statement

Design an image-capturing device that facilitates individuals with an online presence to communicate their lives and products more efficiently.

Constraints, Objectives, and Directives


  • The product must facilitate in capturing images.
  • The product and its accessories must streamline the user’s previous workflow.


  • Potential buyers should find product’s utility and style appealing.
  • Potential users should be able to take better quality images than previously.
  • The product system should involve a lighting element.
  • Usage time should be extended within reasonable means.
  • Controls should be intuitive or easily learned.


  • The device and its accessories ought to travel effectively.
  • The product ought to be compact.
  • System ought to be visually cohesive.
  • Product should be placed at an appropriate price point.

Canon SD 750 – Menu Redesign

This is what the Canon SD750 point and shoot camera interface looks like when written out in Post-It Notes. Theres just too much. Most point-and-shoot users would never know what to do with all of these.

Menu Card Sorting 1

After eliminating all of the stuff that was redundant or unnecessary, here is what my card-sorting group slimmed the menu down to. My final design will likely reflect the refined menu.

Menu Card Sorting 2