Final Presentation

Just gave the final presentation today. Here’s the presentation file:

Showcase Digital Camera – Michael Kuiken


Flash Interface – Cognitive Walk-through

Both during and after the development of my user interface in Flash, I, along with a few classmates and my professor, did cognitive walk-throughs.  This was meant to predict and address any problems or inconsistencies in my design.

Cognitive Walk-through - Flash

Paper Model – Think Aloud Protocol

This is an example of some of the testing I did using a paper model of my camera interface. Users were to compete a list of select tasks such as changing settings, deleting an image, and taking a picture.


If, for some reason, the embed code is not working, the video can be found at

Canon SD 750 – Menu Redesign

This is what the Canon SD750 point and shoot camera interface looks like when written out in Post-It Notes. Theres just too much. Most point-and-shoot users would never know what to do with all of these.

Menu Card Sorting 1

After eliminating all of the stuff that was redundant or unnecessary, here is what my card-sorting group slimmed the menu down to. My final design will likely reflect the refined menu.

Menu Card Sorting 2