Final Presentation

Just gave the final presentation today. Here’s the presentation file:

Showcase Digital Camera – Michael Kuiken


Final Concept

Over the past few days, my camera has gone through much development. I was initially going towards simplistic forms, mainly of the additive and integrative variety. My professor kept encouraging me to move on to more interesting and refined forms.

It is difficult to move past simple, geometric forms when the product you are designing is made primarily from rectangular components, e.g. screens, processors, image sensors. Nevertheless, I came upon this form:

Camera Final Concept

It helped when I moved from a simple point-and-shoot camera to a “prosumer” camera.

By doing so, there was no need to extend the camera past the left edge of the lens. This was due to prosumer and professional level users preferring to hold the camera lens and rest the underside of the body on the heel of their left hand. This is a positive step for my project, as the main objective of my design is to take better product pictures easier. This grip is preferred because it provides stability over sustained use.

This change in grip allowed the form to be more asymmetrical. After that, I added as much curvature I felt I could while still containing the optimal components for a quality camera.

Another notable feature is a hand and screen that articulate around the lens and sensor unit. This assists users in taking pictures while holding the camera below eye level without having to bend over to achieve the same shot. Upon further refinement, this aspect will become more apparent.

Camera Colors

I haven’t refined the colors, but I did want to distinguish the grip surface on the front and the removable flash unit.