The Unseen Sketch Pile

After I did my initial ideation, I wasn’t sold on a concept. Here is the pile of sketches that most people don’t show. I did these for myself to get from my more refined concepts that I decided wouldn’t work and a new form. It’s difficult to get back into ‘early’ ideation when it is no longer early in the project.

The unseen pile


Final Concept?

I thought so, but no longer.

Thought process:

Etsy– handmade and vintage… how about a vintage-styled camera. Okay, key features? Wireless flash and wireless syncing. Done.


I wanted to make a camera that was less boxy– this one is pretty boxy. And this one doesn’t have much over many other mid to upper range point-and-shoots.

Back to the drawing board (or the literal sketchbook).

Vintage Camera Concept